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Looking for a running group at the beach area
Any cool rollerblading events\hangouts next week?
Amazing, super cute flat, central region. 2 girls, looking for a cool roommate.
Selling my classic guitar for $50, PM me if interested
Any great sushi places nearby?
Cute, 2 month old, Husky puppies need to be adopted asap!
Giving away my old couch, 3 sits, great condition
Where can I buy a laptop nearby? thanks!
Offering guitar lessons, beginners and medium level.
Collecting clothes for the homeless tomorrow, please join us
Looking to buy an iPhone 4 or 5, up to $200, anybody?
Looking for dance studio nearby
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Wisharound has several ways of presenting you with great stuff around, including the local newsfeed, that's sorted by proximity, a streamlined Local-hive showing nearby people along with their wishes, and a notification system for suggested wishes.
Wisharound is social, local and always relevant - it naturally forms a personal real-world social network based on proximity and interests, offering a dynamic list of people and content, creating limitless opportunities.
Wisharound simplifies the way you find things, opportunities and interactions around you by showing a personalized Local Feed to each user, intelligently adjusted to your exact location, your personal wishes, and selected interests.
Once an interesting wish is found, it's very easy to connect with a private message, or participate in a public chat. Wisharound offers many ways to communicate and share, including a one-click link sharing on Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.
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We believe Wisharound is an amazing opportunity to connect people and help them fulfill their everyday wishes, all through the power of social networks and physical proximity.
We hope to create better, more vibrant and more connected local communities by bringing nearby people together in the age of social economy.

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